twenty-four f canada


nashville, tn

i miss yous

me, padde & margan <3

post wedding hangover blues cheezies in bed party

casa mesa, az


Itโ€™s real funny [except not funny at all] how the way to devalue, dehumanize and gaslight women is to say they have Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues became a well known thing because men have become known for abusing and leaving their children

And yet, somehow thatโ€™s a reflection on the daughter and not men

But Feminists make up sexism right?

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monster ๐Ÿ’•

feeling super stressed out. im working 50 hours this week and it’s a gazillion degrees in the kitchen which makes me extra sleepy and work slower. plus im working through the weekend which i normally have off and then i leave for my trip 4am monday but feel like i have no time to prepare for it at all. plus two of our roommates gave notice today so i have to somehow try to find roommates while im out of the country. and then i lost my voice. i dunno im probably just being a baby because it’s so hot.

trying to gif selfie and got sneak attacked.

…mitch forsure didn’t realize

summer city

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