Rythem of Cruelty @ Vern’s

Garbage Daze

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this babe <3333

i forgot where you live for a minute and thought this was a fake background.

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my photo is a #softgrunge runaway success #pastelgoth #desertlolita #hashtag #5000k

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almost all blonde and all i wanna do it dye it back to black. HA. IM AN IDIOT

Lions into West Van


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Southern Gulf Islands, BC

Anonymous inquired That gif is seriously so funny! I am dying!!


good morning

having a v. good time.

someone wanna come hang out with me and drink tea and play cards or something.

went to an aa meeting today. never thought that would happen.

bleaching black out / blackout is very fun

teachin bowie how 2 b a sk8r gurl