never wanna leave bed ever

i think i need very seriously to be sober for a while. i have no idea how to do that. i’ve been drinking since i was 11. i haven’t gone a week without a drink in over 14 years. i’m drowning in my depression and this crutch isn’t holding me up anymore. i say this i say this i say this, i don’t stop. i can’t. i don’t know how. i try i fail and i hate myself more for it.


Gay rodeo

miss u

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beach day

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" I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got. "
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I will never get over how true this statement is.

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I do this thing where I think I’m real sick
But I won’t go to the doctor to find out about it
Because they make you stay real still
In a real small space
As they chart up your insides and put them on display

They’d see all of it, all of me, all of it

All of the good that won’t come out of me
And all the stupid lies I hide behind
It’s such a big mistake
Lying here in your warm embrace

Oh, you’re almost home
I’ve been waiting for you to come in
Dancing around in your old suits
Going crazy in your room again
I think I’ll go out and embarrass myself
By getting drunk and falling down in the street
You say I choose sadness
That it never once has chosen me
Maybe you’re right”



Anonymous inquired What's happening in your life right now?

right NOW? im trying to stay awake so i can get to work and i am late but i only got off work 7 hours ago and slept 3-4ish so i am nodding off waiting for the bus.

can i have one in every colour?

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being estranged from people you love but can’t be around is so fucking hard

can anyone tell me who/where this is from really want it tattooed but wanna know where to whom ect credit approval is due aka get permission

casa grande, az

UFO dome, az