i thought i wasn’t hungover, but i was wrong

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yay me day lovely lovely lovely

gonna go to the chiropractor and get my back all fixie and be happyy

whenever i wake up and my hair and yesterday’s makeup is still perf flawless gets stuck in my head all morning

i woke up like this
i woke up like this
we flawless, ladies tell ‘em
say i, look so good tonight
god damn, god damn

good morning snowshine gonna drink coffee in the tub

if it all stops it will all be quiet again


just me and my bffs having a great saturday night!! 


sad girls - LA


Bathroom of dreams


The Lovisa of my life

winter beaches with the love of mine

two faced

Anonymous inquired I've had a crush on you for 4ever

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good cleaning day before / afters. feel so much less stressed out and anxious.


vintageruminance: Helen Mirren bathing in milk, 1980s

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xoxo happy valentines day